Ali Law College Rahim Yar Khan.Providing meaningful education at minimal cost.Main Campus Thali Chowk Taj Garh Road Rahim Yar Khan.For more Information Contact Mob :03009679799
Ali law College is established by Bakhtawar Educational Foundation under the spirit to accommodate the law students especially students of Bahawalpur Division who can not get admission in other law instituation  due to few number of seats.
In our society, unfortunately the education of law is confined to the profession of law. The people who do not want to adopt law as profession are least interested in the education of law while this fact can not be denied that in society of law knowing people’s rights can not be easily ignored. In this prospect,apart from the profession, number of law knowing in society must be increased for the sake of awareness, prosperity and justice.
So, the aim of Ali Law College is to justice in the young generation and their whole hearted working for the ideology of Pakistan and to increase the number of law knowing in the society . Now Ali Law College is the pioneer choice of the people living in district Rahim Yar Khan because of its excellent result and good repute.College is focusing more and more to meet desired standards.

Rahim Yar Khan
Ali Law College
Ali  Law  College Rahim Yar Khan,  64200, Pakistan.
Tel :068-5000559, mob:  03009679799, Email:
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